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Biography by Jason Ankeny (ALLMUSIC.COM)

The solar-powered space pop combo Grandaddy were formed in 1992 in Modesto, CA, by singer/guitarist/keyboardist Jason Lytle, bassist Kevin Garcia, and drummer Aaron Burtch. Although a noisy, lo-fi approach characterized early recordings like 1994's Complex Party Come Along Theories, the addition of guitarist Jim Fairchild and keyboardist Tim Dryden in 1995 expanded the band's sound exponentially, fueling such subsequent efforts as the unreleased Don't Sock the Tryer and the 1996 EP A Pretty Mess by This One Band. Originally issued on indie label Will Records, 1997's acclaimed full-length Under the Western Freeway...

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Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump (earabuse)

Grandaddy - Under The Western Freeway (earabuse)

Grandaddy - The Broken Down Comforter Collection (earabuse)


Grandaddy - Just Like the Fambly Cat (2006) (modernlifeisrubbishyes)

Grandaddy - Sumday (2003) (modernlifeisrubbishyes)


Grandaddy - Just Like The Fambly Cassette (pasamusica)

Grandaddy - Now It's On CD 1-2 (pasamusica)

Grandaddy - El Caminos in the West, Vol. 1 (pasamusica)

Grandaddy - Devil In The Woods (pasamusica)

Grandaddy - Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla (pasamusica)

Grandaddy - Sumday (pasamusica)


Grandaddy - broken down comforter collection [1999] (prolegomenon-prolegomenon)

Grandaddy - sumday [2003] (prolegomenon-prolegomenon)

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