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John McLaughlin

One of fusion's most virtuosic guitar soloists, John McLaughlin placed his blazing speed in the service of a searching spiritual passion that has kept his music evolving and open to new influences. Whether shredding on electric, or simmering quietly on acoustic, McLaughlin's intensity and under-appreciated versatility nearly always kept his playing vital, and his best moments -- whether as a solo artist or bandmember -- represent some of fusion's greatest recordings. McLaughlin was born January 4, 1942, in Yorkshire, England, and began playing guitar at age 11. Initially attracted to blues and swing, he worked with British artists like Georgie Fame, Graham Bond, Brian Auger, and Ginger Baker. McLaughlin formed his own band in 1968, and recorded the excellent debut Extrapolation in early 1969. Later that year, he moved to New York to join Tony Williams' groundbreaking fusion band Lifetime, and appeared on the classic Emergency! Through Williams, McLaughlin was invited to join Miles Davis' band, and became an important part of fusion landmarks like In a Silent Way, Bitches Brew, and A Tribute to Jack Johnson. In 1970, wanting to explore acoustic and Eastern music, McLaughlin recorded the classic My Goal's Beyond; he soon left Davis, and after one further solo album, Devotion, McLaughlin spent some time woodshedding. He re-emerged in 1971 as leader of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, a seminal band that did much to define and popularize early jazz-rock fusion. Pausing to record Love, Devotion and Surrender with Carlos Santana in 1972, McLaughlin led Mahavishnu until 1975. Returning to spiritual preoccupations on My Goal's Beyond, he then formed Shakti, which fused acoustic jazz with Indian music over the course of three albums. McLaughlin returned to his solo career in the late '70s, forming a backing outfit called the One Truth Band, and also recording the guitar-trio albums Friday Night in San Francisco and Passion, Grace and Fire with fellow fusion burners Al DiMeola and Paco DeLucia. As the '80s went along, McLaughlin experimented with classical/jazz-hybrid composing; there was also a short-lived Mahavishnu reunion in the mid-'80s. McLaughlin has continued to record steadily in both electric and acoustic settings.
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John McLaughlin - Tokyo Live (1993) (bluesandcats)

John McLaughlin - Adventures In Radioland (1987) (bluesandcats)

John McLaughlin - Electric Guitarist (1979) (bluesandcats)

John McLaughlin - Inner Worlds (1975) (bluesandcats)

Mahavishnu John McLaughlin & Devadip Carlos Santana - A Live Supreme (1973) (bluesandcats)

John McLaughlin - Extrapolation (1969) (bluesandcats)

Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin - Guitar Trio (1996) (bluesandcats)


John McLaughlin - Devotion - [1970] (elcamaleongallego6)

John McLaughlin - Devotion - [1970] (elcamaleongallego6)

John McLaughlin / Mahavishnu Orchestra - 'Inner Mounting Flame' - [1971] (elcamaleongallego6)

John McLaughlin - Mediterranean Concerto (elcamaleongallego6)

John McLaughlin - Adventures In Radioland 1993 (elcamaleongallego6)


John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension - Best of the American tour 2007 (floppybootstomp)

John McLaughlin - Live at Antibes Jazz Festival 1996 (floppybootstomp)

A Live Supreme - Brothers of the Spirit: John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana, Chicago 1973 (floppybootstomp)

John McLaughlin - Carlos Santana - Love Devotion Surrender Outtakes 1973 (floppybootstomp)


SHAKTI with JOHN McLAUGHLIN / 1976 (k-kao-shima)

SHAKTI with JOHN McLAUGHLIN / 1977 / A Handful of Beauty (k-kao-shima)


Chick Corea & John McLaughlin - "Five Peace Band" - Live at Rogers Theater, Modesto, California, USA, March 24, 2009 [2CD][FLAC] (troward)

John McLaughlin & The Free Spirits (with Stanley Jordan) - Live at Estival Jazz, Piazza Della Riforma, Lugano, Switzerland, June 29, 1995 [SBD][FLAC] (troward)

John McLaughlin Trio (with Jeff Berlin) - Live at Kleiner Glockensaal, Bremen, Germany, 1988-06-04 [FM][FLAC] (troward)

Shakti with John McLaughlin - Live in Torino, Italy, 1977 [FLAC] (troward)

John McLaughlin Trio - Live at The Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A., April 22nd, 1992 [2CD][FLAC] (troward)

Chick Corea & John McLaughlin - Five Peace Band - Live at Blue Note Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, Febuary 8, 2009 [2nd Stage][FLAC] (troward)

Shakti with John McLaughlin - Live at Tampa, Florida, USA, 1976-05-02 [FLAC] (troward)

Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia - The Guitar Trio - Live at Boston Symphony Hall , Boston, Mass., November 24, 1996 [2CD][FLAC] (troward)

Chick Corea & John McLaughlin - Live at HMV Ikebukuro Metropolitan Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, Febuary 4th, 2009 [FLAC] (troward)

FREE: John McLaughlin - A New Karuna (troward)

UPGRADE: John McLaughlin - SOLO - Live at Herkulessaal, Munich, Germany, August 19, 1972 [FM][FLAC] (troward)

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